Sylvia R. Frey

TST International Task Force

Jane Aldrich

Local Historian and Site Coordinator
South Carolina Historical Society

Dolores Hemphill

Projects Coordinator
Deep South Regional Humanities Center
Tulane University

Karen Regina

History Learning Specialist
University of Cincinnati


Ann Caldwell and the Magnolia Singers

Praise House, recorded by Ed Reynolds
featuring Ann Caldwell, Yvonne Brown, Sherry Donoho
Margaret Coleman, Dalia Chariker, Patricia Taylor.

Ashley River Conservation Coalition

Avery Research Center for African American History & Culture
College of Charleston

Marvin Dulaney, Director
Deborah Wright, Reference Archivist

Bunce Island (Priscilla's Journey Documentary Project)

Joseph Opala, James Madison University
Jacque Metz, Comet Multimedia

Carolina Gold Rice Foundation

The Charleston Museum

Martha Zierden, Curator of Historical Archaeology
Sharon Bennett, Archivist

Deep South Regional Humanities Center
Tulane University

Randy Sparks, Director

Drayton Hall

George McDaniel, Director
Tim Chesser, Program Coordinator

The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
Yale University

David W. Blight, Director
Thomas Thurston, Director of Education

Hogan Jazz Archive
Tulane University

Bruce Raeburn, Curator
Lynn Abbott, Library Technician

The Latin American Library
Tulane University

Hortensia Calvo, Director
Emmett Luty, Coordinator of serials, gifts and exchanges

Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division

Middleton Place Foundation

Tracey Todd, Vice President Museums
Mary Edna Sullivan, Curator

National Park Service: Fort Sumter National Monument

Michael Allen, Education Specialist
Carlin Timmons, Park Ranger

School of Languages, Cultures, & World Affairs
College of Charleston

Sam Hines, Dean
Simon Lewis, Director of the Carolina Lowcountry & Atlantic World
Jerry Spiller, Instructional Technologist

Technical Design and Production

Website Design and Development
New Orleans, LA